Questions & Answers

Which kit should I choose?

For most people starting with essential oils, I recommend the Natural Solutions Kit ($550) or the Home Essentials kit ($275) to start with. Both come with 15 mL bottles of top oils, plus the diffuser so you can use your oils aromatically! Although the Family Physician's Kit seems tempting at $150, because the the bottles are only 5 mL and you don’t get the diffuse, I don't think it's a great value. For just $125 more you can purchase the Home Essentials, and get 3x the oils, PLUS a diffuser. A diffuser plays a huge part in how you use oils on a daily basis to support energy, immunity and stress relief. The Natural Solutions, although pricer includes the best-selling Supplement Trio, the beloved PastTense and Serenity oils, Deep Blue Rub plus digestive supplements, a wooden box to hold your booty and more.

If I enroll to purchase products at wholesale prices, does that mean I have to sell dōTERRA?

Of course not! Most people enroll simply for the benefit of the wholesale discount. If you decide later that you'd like to share the oils with others a receive a commission you always have that option.  

How much does it cost to enroll?

The cost is $35 the first year. If you purchase one of dōTERRA’s enrollment kits when you sign up, the $35 fee is included in the price of your kit.

How much does the membership cost each year after the first year?

The cost after the first year is $25 to renew your membership each year, plus they send you a bottle of Peppermint essential oil when you renew ($27.33, retail value).

Why is there a fee to sign up?

Think of it as similar to a Costco membership. You pay a membership fee to be able to shop at their stores and purchase items that you can’t purchase other places, at a discount. dōTERRA is the same, except that the products are shipped right to your door.

What is an enrollment kit?

An enrollment kit is a collection of products that dōTERRA has put together, so that you can try some of their best-selling oils without having to guess at which ones you need. Each kit has wonderful options to help support your digestion, skin, sleep, aches and pains, immunity and your mood. Purchasing one of these kits when you enroll, already includes the $35 enrollment fee.

Do I have to purchase an enrollment kit when enrolling?

Nope. You can pick and choose what you want, “a la carte” style, instead of a kit, if you choose. By doing it this way, you are charged the $35 enrollment fee in addition to the products that you’ve added to your cart.

Do I have to place an order every month?

No! You can place one order the month you enroll and never order again, if you don’t want to. There are definitely benefits to placing an order each month (Loyalty Rewards Program or LRP), but you are not required to do that.

Side note: I enrolled with a kit and wished I had chosen a larger kit since I ended up ordering all the items in the larger one a month later. Integrating the products into my home life was seamless and instantly shifted my over all health and decreased the toxicity levels in my home. Having natural solutions has saved me money over time, but more importantly empowered me to take more of my healthcare back into my own hands. My goal is to help you do that as well.

What is the Loyalty Rewards Program?

This is an ongoing monthly order that you set up to ship on a specified date each month. You can change your order and products each month and there are NO minimums required. You can order a little or a lot, or cancel anytime. The benefit of the Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) is that for every order you place you get a percentage back (10-30 %) in free product credits which you can use for any dōTERRA product. You also get your shipping costs back in free product points when you place an LRP order. Pretty awesome!  

This video explains it well.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping charges vary by country, but for USA 2-3 day it’s $6.99. I’m pretty sure it’s similar for every international order (outside of the USA). However, you can get your shipping fee back in free product points when you sign up for the Loyalty Rewards Program. I think that is totally awesome and I’ve never seen any other online store offer that.

Is this MLM/Network Marketing?

Yes, this is a network marketing company. And I like that. dōTERRA choose this model for a reason. The heart of the company is their mission to "put a healer in every home" and to educate consumers to take their health into their own hands.  Instead of spending money on marketing and conventional advertisements, dōTERRA pays its Wellness Advocates (people who use and love their products) a commission on what they share with others.  This model allows me to share a product I use daily and believe implicitly in, in my private practice.  dōTERRA is a product proven company, not a "business building" company. In fact, 85% of the wholesale customers are users of the product and only 15% have chosen to build a business as an independent distributor. The ability for me to earn with them is a bonus, as I would be recommending and using the products regardless.