Why Essential Oils?

I wouldn’t be the healer, mother, or human I am today if it wasn’t for essential oils.  I use them daily in my personal life and in all my acupuncture treatments. Essential oils have empowered me with a safe, natural option for my kid’s health, upleveled my own physical and emotional wellbeing,  and provided my patients with tools they can implement between our sessions together to further their health goals.

Because essential oils work on the physical, mental/emotional and energetic level they can be powerful tools for expanding your health.  If you are ready to massively change your health, shift out of old patterns of behavior and have tools for your daily wellness and preventative care, an essential oil consult is a perfect way to start.


If you are a practitioner and want to learn how to integrate essential oils into your healing work, please click here.


Essential Oil Consultation

Essential Oil Consult
60 mins | $120

Address your health issues and take care of your family naturally with a customized essential oil protocol and daily routine created just for you. Includes comprehensive review of health goals and concerns, detailed daily protocol, email support and follow up recommendations for 3 months.

Please use the button below to schedule an essential oil consult or see the options to purchase a kit here. When scheduling your appointment please specify if it will be in the Soho office or over the phone.


Ready to integrate essential oils to your routine?