Seasonal Cleanses

If the thought of undertaking a cleanse makes you nervous; if you are relying too heavily on your friends caffeine, sugar and  alcohol to get you through your day; if you feel foggy, bloated, tired or stressed--it’s probably time to hit the reset button and give your system a break. Even if your diet is exemplary, a seasonal cleanse is beneficial to remove toxins from the body and give your organ systems a chance to reset.

I offer three options of engagement and support. All are whole-foods, plant-centric and rooted in the belief that food is medicine and the foundation of good health.


Cleanse Types

10-day Cleanse  |  $150 

The 10-Day RE-SET is a food + mindset-based seasonal cleanse. Take 10 days to re-prioritize your physcial, mental and emotional health and re-commit to the nourishing practices that bring you back into alignment. 

This program includes:

  • Health coaching support to reduce or eliminate:  gluten, dairy, refined sugar, animal protein, processed soy, alcohol and caffeine for ten days 

  • Cleanse manual with simple and delicious recipes, plus tools for handling cravings and overcoming roadblocks

  • Daily emails with wellness tips, self-care suggestions and coaching assignments to provide accountability 

  • One-on-one and community support in our private FaceBook group

30-day Cleanse  |  $245

The 30 day Renew + Restore adds potent, whole-foods supplements (formulated with detoxifying herbs + powerful essential oils) to your daily regime. This cleanse protocol works deeply to activate (days 1-10), reset (days 11-20) and renew (days 21-30) the body's internal cleansing system via the detoxification pathways of the skin, liver, gastro-intestinal tract, while also supporting the body on a cellular and hormonal level. It's gentle but yields profound results. 

This program includes:

  • Health coaching support to reduce or eliminate:  gluten, dairy, refined sugar, animal protein, processed soy, alcohol and caffeine for ten days 

  • Cleanse manual with simple and delicious recipes, plus tools for handling cravings and overcoming roadblocks

  • 30 days of supplementation

    • LifeLong Vitality Pack  – vitamin, mineral, antioxidant and omegas

    • Terrazyme – digestive enzyme

    • Zendocrine oil blend – essential oils for organ support

    • Zendocrine complex – herbal support for organs

    • GX assist – oil blend for cleansing

    • PB Assist – probiotic

    • DDR Prime softgels –  Cellular support

    • Lemon essential oil

  • Weekly emails to guide you through the transition between the cleanse phases and one-on-one email support

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*Although this cleanse is longer, it is more self-directed and offers less support than the 10 day cleanse. I encourage those interested in this cleanse to consider joining the Ultimate Reset to benefit from in-depth coaching.

10-day Reset |  $320 (save $75)
30 days of supplements included

Want to feel your clearest, lightest and brightest?Add the accountability + mindset coaching of the 10-day cleanse to the deeply detoxifying 30-day supplementation protocol, and you've got the ultimate mind-body-energy transformational magic imaginable! This is how I cleanse 3x a year and I wouldn't do it any other way.

You'll commit to 10 days of clean eating (and a big handful of supplements daily) and then continue with the supplements for the remaining 20 days while they continue to do their work. 

This program includes:

  • Everything from the 10-day Reset and 30-day Renew + Restore packages

  • Plus a 50 percent discount ($75 off) on the 10-day cleanse with daily coaching

To join: 
Purchase the dōTERRA Renew + Restore kit first with the button below. 
I'll email you a special link to join the 10 day RESET for half price.  


Ready to start a seasonal cleanse?



Who should cleanse?
Everyone can benefit from a seasonal reset. If you’ve never done a cleanse, if it’s been more than 12 months, or if you are transitioning off of hormonal birth control, medication or preparing for conception, a gentle cleanse may be just what you need.

If you experience any of the following symptoms you know its time: digestive issues, bloating, fatigue, fogginess, PMS, migraines, joint pain, moodiness, skin issues, acne

Can I do this cleanse if I am pregnant or breast feeding?
I do not recommend any type of cleansing while pregnant or when breastfeeding. However, I’d be happy to create a customized nutritional program for you, including food, supplementation and an essential oil protocol.  

I’m brand new, which one should I pick?
If you are committed to changing your diet and feeling a big shift go with the Reset. If you can’t commit to changing your diet, but want to support you body on a deep level go with the Cleanse and Restore. If you are committed to feeling better and changing the quality of your health long term, chose the Ultimate Reset and set up a private coaching call with me (at a discount) to address your individual needs. You can schedule a 5 minute call with me to help you decide here. Or book a coaching call here.